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The School September 24, 2010

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Title: The School

Medium: Permanent Marker on Transparency

Size: 25cm x 30cm

Date: April 2008

This is a drawing of the school. The transparency was pasted onto the window ina certain angle, and I replicated the scene of the school outside. I think this was done quite well, since all the details were exact and accurate, and the composition was alright too. The first thing one notices is the building with a million bricks, then the eye is slowy guided to the road and then the trees in the background.

Almost went blind from squinting my eyes too much to gage the size and distance of the scenery. Especially when drawing the bricks, I almost died. But in the end, the final product is satisfactory, so it was all worth it!

However, maybe I could have used a mix of markers of different thickness and colour. That would add on to the aesthetic appeal of the whole image, giving it a bit more contrast and vividness.


Sketches of Fruits

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Green Chilli





Green Chilli in Your Mouth

Title: Fruity Punch

Medium: Colour Pencils on Paper

Size: 15cm x 10cm (average)

Date: January 2009

Drew all of these after studying fruits for my Sec 3 coursework. I think I did well in terms of technique, but the main problem was that I took a very long time to complete each of the drawings, causing me to produce very little drawings in the whole 4 month period of the coursework preparation.

I admire those who can complete works of premium quality in short periods of time. They prabably have really good technique and ability to be able to do so. Hence, I must really improve on my speed and ability to be able to improve the next time I embark on an art project.



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Studies of the Buddha, Brain and Lotus Plant

Studies of the Lotus Plant

Experimentation on effects of Watercolour and Acrylic Paint

Studies of different medium

Final (incomplete)

Title: Contemplation

Medium: Acrylic and Colour Pencil on Paper

Size: A3

Date: 2009

It was really unfortunate that I did not complete my final drawing. I did not have enough time to finish colouring the lotus plants during the 3 hours time span. Really need to improve on my speed…

The significance of using such a colourful and brght background was for a distraction of the viewers’ eyes, symbolising that no matter how distracting, or tempting the outside world is, the Buddha is able to remain in a calm state of mind by thinking deeply, as seen from his exposed brain, and surrounded by nature’s most beautiful elements.

The lotus plants symbolise purity and all things that are good. Stemming from dirty water, they are still look so clean and pure. They also complement the Buddha’s status of mind.

All in all, I need to improve on my speed and also my acrylic painting techniques, since the vertical planes of colour in the background seem hastily done and very uneven.


Eternity: an Illustration

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Title: Eternity

Medium: Colour Pencil, Watercolour and Ink on Paper

Size: A4

Date: 2008

I drew this when I got inspired after watching Memoirs of a Geisha, so I gave the girl very red lips, fair skin and huge brown eyes, like the geisha.

The part where I spent the most effort in was the hair. I took a whole 3 hours just to outline and draw the hair. In the end, my black pen ran out of ink. Each strand of hair had to be drawn, since hair is really fine and the pen lines were really fine so I needed to be ultra meticulous to fill up the whole space of the hair.

This is the first illustration I did in colour, since I only did sketches before that. I am contented with this drawing because it brought me on a journey of illustration after I did this. I am most proud of the long, thick and flowy hair, thanks to the hours spent on it.

The things I could improve on was the composition of the girl’s features. I think I did okay for the eyes, but then the nose could be more defined and shorter, because it looks so elongated in this illustration. And the mouth could be placed higher up, nearer to the tip of the nose, giving the features a more harmonized look.


Collated Comments

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Jing Ting:





Comment on Linsha’s Photograph

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Awesome photography!!
It is so dreamy and pretty…
I think the use of contrasting colours greatly aids the visual impact of the photograph. Capturing the blue skies and white clouds, and the pink and green sunlight beams against the Earth, as if it was in a fantasy world.
I especially like the way you have arranged your composition, with the ferris wheel in the background but highlighted by the colourful sunlight beams. The clouds stand out from the picture since they are so very defined by the contrast of grey and white against the baby blue sky.
It is very interesting to see that you have made the forground and the houses dark, creating a silhuoette form. The juxtaposition of the dark shadows and the bright beautiful sky symbolises how the Earth is really filled with sorrow and pain, and when we ascend to the blue skies, we will be filled with absolute happiness(don’t know if you feel this way too)
Love this photograph!!<3


Customised Pegs

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Title: Pegs

Medium: Wood, Metal Wires and Coloured Paper

Size: 1.5 cm x 4cm

Date: 2009

These are the pegs which I made, I think they look cute together!

There are some pegs which I painted on, and the flower peg which I stuck coloured paper on. I did all of these just for fun during my free time last year.

It was quite difficult to paint the small details, especially when the pegs were so small. I needed to be really careful so as to not smudge or paint the details too big.

Making these has greatly improved my handicraft skills.