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Chill, Mao June 29, 2010

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Chill, Mao

55cm x 80 cm

Acrylic on canvas


This is kind of like a satire of the Chinese communist system in China.

I did this when I was in Secondary 2, so many of the painting techniques were not very mature.

The level of satisfaction was quite low after I finished this painting because I could not think up of a reason why I did this work.

What is the significance and meaning behind my painting?

I wasn’t sure at that point of time.

Only wanted to fulfill the requirements needed for the subject matter of this painting: a famous person and a fruit/vegetable.

After contemplating the meaning behind my art, I realise that I actually wanted to portray how the political system in China is very restrictive, with all the communist restrictions and all, during the Mao Zedong era.

Mao Zedong is sitting and looking straight at the audience, giving an authoritative stare, yet there’s a hint of a faint smile playing at his lips.

This shows how the dictator was too controlling over his people, and the tyrant that he was.

The two red chillis on the table signify the harsh treatment given to those who do not obey him.

They are also the source of the pun “Chill”

My grandfather died under his rule of China in the 1970s.

I heard from my parents and my grandmother about how the family suffered, especially my grandfather, causing his untimely death.

Hence, I would like to show the abovementioned through my painting.

However, I felt that I did not really succeed in doing so because the message conveyed in this painting is apparently not strong and impactful enough.

Perhaps I could have painted the more cruel side of Mao instead of this seemingly neutral side that I protrayed here.


Batik Painting

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50cm x 70cm


This is my first try at batik painting.

Took a long, long time to do it, since it needs a lot of layers and fabric colouring.

Well, looking at this, I feel kind of proud!

Maybe it’s also partly because this was my first time using fabric as a medium, and completing it was a feat to me.

I like to use a lot of colours in my art, just like in this piece.

Many colours make me feel happy, so I felt really satisfied after completing this.

After trying my hand at batik painting, I realise I like it alot, since it’s a mixture of hands-on activities (mixing the wax, using the janting to seal the cloth) and conventional painting.

Before I attempted batik painting, I did not appreciate South Asian art, since I was more exposed to the Western art.

However, after completing this piece, I am able to appreciate South Asian art, and find myself marveling at the wonderful creations of batik painting.

Batik painting can be done on any piece of cloth, as long as one has the necessary materials.

You can even paint beautiful pictures on your normal clothes!

By merely using molten wax and fabric colouring, such fantastic images can be painted on fabric.

I hope to attempt batik painting again in the near future!