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My Inspirations August 18, 2010

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I have been considering why I chose to do my coursework in the first place.

So I’ve came up with a list.


1. Body Worlds Exhibition

After attending a Body Worlds Exhibition in the Science Centre, I was stunned and inspired to create art of the human body. Marvelling at the intricity and beauty of the human organ structures, I wanted to re-create and restructure the organs. Nature has created our body organs in such a way that they are both functional and wonderful works of art. For my coursework,  I was not going to make the organs of the entire human body, as that would be too ambitious; just by making 4 different organs was enough.

2. Organ Surgery

Most people would think it gross and disgusting and scary when they see a bloody organ or human body part. Call it a sick obsession or an interesting hobby, I feel intrigued when viewing an organ surgery. The picture above is one of a heart bypass surgery. I was wondering if a heart could be removed and modified into other objects; organ surgery is a major influence in my course work idea.

3. Fruit Art

Especially after the food art picnic our class had, I was inspired to make art out of food. I was making a vegetable resembling an organ. Organs are fresh and full of life, just like vegatables. I thought of combining these two ideas together

4. Dimitri Tsykalov

Dimitri Tsykalov is a Russian sculptor who sculpts with wood and earth in an approach which he describes as “contrary to the brutality of modern images.” Later in his artistic career, he began using naked models and covering them in meat fashioned as masks, flags, weapons and very seldomly, clothing. He explores meat as an artistic tool. There is no denying that his art is controversial, but it is also highly mezmerising.

 267  268
heart, kidneys

operating room

In the place of the Raft of the Medusa, Dimitri Tsykalov shows meat-helmeted men holding at arms’ length a flag made of connective tissue, of flesh sewn up into a bag of savaged civilisation, wounded, tender and violent… It is simply staggering.

The subjects captured by his lens have been wounded on the outside in a show of bewildering animal intimacy. These are bodies that are conscious of what they will one day become: scraps of nerve and muscle. In an unsettling mating, the animal glorifies man and his death.

Upon first sight of the above image, I got a shock. I presume that you have too. The gore and blood of the subject matter adds a tinge of horror and macabre to the image. After staring at the picture for a few more seconds, I began marvelling at the clever use of  the meat by the artist. The subject matter and the meat mesh well together to give the audience a strong impact.

With these pictures of flesh, Dimitri Tsykalov finally resolves photography’s true intent when displaying its contact sheets. Each of these shots of individuals equipped by the artist with meaty weapons made of flesh and blood lights up a spark of violence, eroticism and fear that directly hits the brain. Each photographed subject makes direct contact and catches the mind and the eye. This series of shots of one or more subjects is nothing less than an artistic commando.

I feel emotionally tied to Tsykalov’s art, and I hope that the audience will feel the same when they perceive my art too.


In conclusion, my inspirations have influenced me greatly in my coursework and I strive to learn from them.


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