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PIZZAsso August 18, 2010

Filed under: Artworks — chicapod @ 10:07 pm

Name of Artist: Pablo Picasso

Background: Pablo Picasso (1881 — 1973) was a Spanish artist and a prominent figure in the Cubist world. 

Artwork chosen: Weeping Woman, because we studied this in Sec. 1 and have a fond impression of it.

Proposed work: We have decided to make a pun out of Picasso’s name and turn Weeping Woman into a savoury pizza!

Here is a reproduction of Weeping Woman:  

And a sketch of our original idea, which was to reproduce Weeping Woman in the form of vegetables atop a circular pizza base:

We have modified our original idea.  Instead of the pizza being the final product, our product will now be photographs of ourselves posing with pizza slices, much like the Weeping Woman is holding her handkerchief.  The pizza slices we will be holding will be cut out in angular shapes to emphasise Picasso’s signature Cubist style.

Ingredients: 3 12″ pizza bases, green, yellow and red capsicums, ham, tomatoes, pineapples, Mozzarella cheese, tomato paste, olives (for the eyes)


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