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Park Suran: Enakei September 19, 2010

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Enakei is a korean digital art depicting young beautiful girls by korean artist Park Suran.

Airbrush is used to give the girls flawless skin, and a romantic feel to it.

Enakei is divided into 2 categories.
Firstly, Enakei includes full bodies girly cartoons, usually traveling to European Countries or to promote ladies wear and accessories.
Jennie Enakei, the heroine, dominates the scene with her realistic and dreamy look. The particular portraits are accompanied by key-phrases which describe the mentality of heroine.
For the development of Enakei, most of the figures are modelled after well-known Korean Models.

Jennie Enakei


The Enakei series is quite limited to the young  female population, since all the subject matter are girls. I really like the style Park Suran uses to create her art. Jennie Enakei is more realistic than Enakei. I like both, but I prefer Jennie Enakei more since it has greater appeal to me.

Jennie Enakei is more realistic, and the art is dreamy with the blurring of the edges and soft focus on the subject matter. Enakei has pretty, slim young girls clothed in the latest fashion depicted in the pop art style with solid planes of colour in the background for some of the pictures.

I admire Park Suran’s ability to create such mesmerising pictures that inspire and fascinate all the girls in the world.


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