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Pictures from a Pinhole September 19, 2010

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This is seen from an ant’s perspective in the grass.

There are three points of view in this photo, and the geometric shapes of the school structure adds on to the aesthetic quality.

I this photo since there is contrast between the size of the school ad the small tree at the side. The school building seems to be receding into the background, which is kind of cool.

The school looks kind of ghostly here, in white against the black sky. I think the negative effect is quite cool, with the white silhuoette of the plant in the foreground that is slighly less noticeable.

Pictures from a Pinhole

Photo paper

25cm x 15 cm(average size of all 4 photos)


Yuxin and I collaborated to take the pictures. we created the pinhole camera ourselves from the milk powder tin for my sister. It was really fun finding things we could take picture of in school. Since we cannot really control how the picture will look like in the end, there are many unexpected things and effects which will either increase or decrease the aesthetic quality of the photographs.


2 Responses to “Pictures from a Pinhole”

  1. wuhuyumo Says:

    Hey! We have the same theme how awesome are we! 😀

    So, i really like your pinhole photos and i think your use of perspective is really strong in every single photo. The first one seems to have a fisheye effect and the railings form a really nice sort of diamond shape with the school as backdrop.

    The second one, is it done using double exposure? I think double exposure’s not easy to grasp, its easy to be lucky once but yours turned out good on both tries. And I like how the lines on the floor sort of weave together.

    Third one’s pretty magnificent, the contrast looks good too.

    And the fourth one too, again the use of perspectives! I like how the school seems to curve at the left side and gives the viewer a new way of looking at things.

    I agree that the negative effect is cool but maybe you could show the positive one too as sometimes the strong use of black in negative shots may be misleading in the way they really look.

    Great job! (:

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