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All Around September 22, 2010

Filed under: Artworks — chicapod @ 8:43 pm

This is one of my tries at photography. I wanted to capture the little things in life that make up our environment. The leaves against the sky, the snails in the bricks, the vines on the walls, the old man sleeping on the bench, the beautiful ripples of the water, the grasshopper on the railing, the stony ground… All of these make up our world. Hence this series of photographs is a tribute to our environment, natural and man-made alike.

What I like about my attempt is that I really made an effort to take pictures in our environement from different angles, and  I mostly used the macro setting on the camera to capture the tiny details on the object. I went out to my environement and was blessed by the benign weather elements along with the natural light.

Nonetheless, I could have done better in terms of visual angles, maybe I could have taken the pictures from a more unusual angle and take more notice of composition planning.


2 Responses to “All Around”

  1. JackiE Says:

    I think your photography is very well done. They way you capture the smallest of things makes it special, like a fleeting moment, or something most people do not see. The play of focal points is also very nice, with the subject matter clear and the background blur. It very clearly shows the focus of your pictures, making them all the more special. (: Nice!

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