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Illustration: Solitude September 22, 2010

Filed under: Artworks — chicapod @ 9:18 pm

 Title: Solitude

Medium: Colour Pencils

Size: 25cm x 15cm

Date:  2008

This is one of my earlier illustrations. Colour pencils are my favourite medium when illustrating. They are convenient to carry around, and easy to apply onto the paper. That is why I always use colour pencil to draw human figures since I have better control of the medium, and more confidence too.

I wanted to create a lonely, kind of depressing feel to this drawing. So I decided on this posture of the girl looking downwards and partially closing her eyes to give that pained, sorrowful look. The green added to the vibrancy of the drawing, contrasting with the atmosphere of the picture. Maybe I should have used blue for the girl’s clothes to emphasize the sadness though. Also, the colouring of the clothes was not properly blended too. I need to take more notice of that!


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