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Matthew Ngui: Point of View September 22, 2010

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How does Point of View require audience participation?

The audience needs to view the art works from afar to get the full view of the message “You are always in transit”. The message does not make sense if the viewer only sees it from a sole pillar. Hence, it requires the requires the audience to walk from the start of the train station to the end of the train station to view the message.

The different angles in which the audience views the message is also different, since it requires viewers to walk around the text, past the text just to get a full view of the whole image.

In conclusion, the artwork requires audience participation to  a large extent.

How is the text-site specific?

Firstly. the message is relevant as the site is a train station, and “You are always in transit” allows the passengers to pass the pillars to observe the message.

Secondly, the text makes use of space. The sense of depth provided by the receding pillars for the message creates an effect that goes from near to a far distance for the viewer.

Thirdly, the text does not obstruct the passengers during the alighting and boarding of trains. It not only provides a touch of humor and elegance in the train stations, it also does not occupy any space, being just conveniently stuck on the pillars.

Hence, it is site specific.


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