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Tangled: Illustration September 22, 2010

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Title: Tangled

Medium: Colour Pencil and Pen

Size: 25cm x 15cm

Date: 2008

So this is another one of my colour pencil drawings. I wanted to portray a mixture of confusion and mixed feelings within a person. The girl looks in a dilemma and in deep thought, thus staring at her long, tangled hair, which is a metaphor for her present feelings too. I like this drawing, especially the composition,  but I think I could improve on some areas.

The hands are kind of disproportionate and too bony in comparison with the girl’s face! Hands are really difficult to draw since they are of irregular shape and length. Plus everyone has different hand forms, so they are quite hard to draw. I think it is important to make sure that they are of the correct proportion to the face, body etc. 

In addition, I could probably have used more shades of brown for the girl’s hair, to increase the depth and contrasting effect. The whole point of the colour scheme was to contrast brown with the blue of the girl’s eyes, thus allowing the picture to stand out. However, I may need to use more colours, or brighter shades to bring out the picture.


4 Responses to “Tangled: Illustration”

  1. Hey I like this one.
    Yeah, I also agree that you could have used more brown, esp for the outlines of the hair. It would have created more contrast.
    But I like how you did a yellow-brown gradient at the bottom, which slowly fades out the girl’s hair. It draws the viewer’s eye down, esp when the girl is also looking downwards. The hair looks a bit like withered roots too (not a bad thing!). It creates this depressing atmosphere which highly contrasts the bright red colours of her hair. This helps to create the feeling that something is bothering her.

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