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The Scream: Linograph September 22, 2010

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Title: The Scream

Medium: Linograph

Size: 35cm x 35cm

Date: 2009

This was for an art assignment. We were supposed to do a  print of our self portrait. It was my first time doing linograph so I pretty much had fun, even though I cut myself with the carving knife a lot of times.

The reason I chose to use Edvard Munch’s famous The Scream as a reference was partly to do with my state of mind then. I was really stressed up due to the heavy workload in school (actually I still am), and I really wanted to just SCREAM and let go of all the worries and  anxiety, like the agonized figure in Edvard Munch’s work. So I figured that it might be interesting if I could place myself inside The Scream and be the figure instead. The significance of this was to create a sense of my personal distressed emotions and great need to release the accumulating pressure within my soul. I used a bright red for the print to symbolise the extreme and strong feelings of stress I felt then, and also to obtain the viewers’ attention.

It was difficult to master full control of the carving tools, and mishaps happen quite frequently. Predicting the degree of strength to use for each cut, whether you want it curved or straight needed lots of  practicing.

In addition, the printing process itself proved a challenge to as well. There needed to be an even coat of ink spreaded over the linograph, so the amount of printing ink used required precise controlling, to prevent it from over smudging or lack of ink. Also, I had to rub and press every single corner and area of the print paper onto the linograph to obtain a single, solid red colour. It was hard work, but definitely worthwhile.

Looking at this work, I feel proud of it since I truly put my heart and soul to creating it, from carving every single detail to applying the ink and later printing it on rice paper. The colour red is solid and even on the print, and all the details could be seen quite clearly. Composition wise, I changed a little of the original Munch’s work, giving it my own personal taste.

However, I understand that not everything is perfect, and there are obviously some weaknesses in this piece of work. I think that I could have added in more cuts to make the work more defined, since now there is a sense of flatness ot it, with all the solid planes of colour. There should be a contrast of thin and thick lines, or maybe I should have experimented with more colours in the print.


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