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Comment on Jackqueline’s Collage September 24, 2010

Filed under: Comments — chicapod @ 9:51 pm

This collage is so cool!

The clever use of fragmented music scores and different violin and guitar images adds on to the artistic value of your collage. I find it really amazing for you to piece these images together to form a complete picture of the guitar/violin/trumpet/flute lying in a heap of music notes. This image gives the viewers a very powerful impact, with the guitar/violin/trumpet/flute as the main point of focus.

It is interesting to see that you have merged the traditional violin together with the modern guitar. Even though the times have changed, the musical scores are still the same and will probably remain the same after many years. Juxstaposition of the old and the new is evident, adding a meaningful tinge of elegance to your work.

The only suggestion I would give is to probably include more fragmented images of the hybrid instrument from different angles, give it depth and appeal.

Good job<3


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