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Comment on Jing Ting’s Pinhole Photographs September 24, 2010

Filed under: Comments — chicapod @ 8:54 pm

This is really hilarious!!!!!!!!!
I think it is really cool to integrate a story into your artwork, especially in this form of pinhole photographs.
The combination of art with language is a powerful tool. This idea which you have used gives a great impact on the viewers, allowing one to enjoy the story while admiring your art at the same time, and getting more engaged by the minute(especially when you know all the characters personally in the story)
So good work!:D
However, I think that you could have added in colours to highlight the more important parts of the photograph, instead of the black and white colour scheme throughout. This will increase the aesthetic quality of the photographs, allowing one to be more captivated by contrasting colours of the photo. For example, you might want to colour Ben in a bright, distinct shade to make him more prominent in each of the photos, since his is the main character.
Overall, this is an entertaining and wonderful piece of art that I really enjoy.


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