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Comment on Linsha’s Photograph September 24, 2010

Filed under: Comments — chicapod @ 11:35 pm

Awesome photography!!
It is so dreamy and pretty…
I think the use of contrasting colours greatly aids the visual impact of the photograph. Capturing the blue skies and white clouds, and the pink and green sunlight beams against the Earth, as if it was in a fantasy world.
I especially like the way you have arranged your composition, with the ferris wheel in the background but highlighted by the colourful sunlight beams. The clouds stand out from the picture since they are so very defined by the contrast of grey and white against the baby blue sky.
It is very interesting to see that you have made the forground and the houses dark, creating a silhuoette form. The juxtaposition of the dark shadows and the bright beautiful sky symbolises how the Earth is really filled with sorrow and pain, and when we ascend to the blue skies, we will be filled with absolute happiness(don’t know if you feel this way too)
Love this photograph!!<3


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