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Comment on Yumo’s sketch September 24, 2010

Filed under: Comments — chicapod @ 11:24 pm

The sketching of the bottles are really well done!
I especially like how you have sketched the transparent bottles, they seem so realistic. Also the black shorter bottle at the side serves serves as a great contrast. The transparent bottles are tall and transparent, while the black bottle is short and opaque. This juxtaposition increases the artistic value of this piece.
To improve this great sketch, I suggest that there could be a greater play of composition, instead of just having the bottles stand side by side. You could play with a diagonal composition, where the nearer bottles are bigger and the further bottles are smaller, and this will enhance the contrast even more.
In conclusion, I think this is a good piece of work, and your technical abilities are flaunted in this piece.
Keep up the good work!:D<3


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