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Comment on Yuxin’s Snowscape Photograph September 24, 2010

Filed under: Comments — chicapod @ 8:52 pm

Wow I really like the third photograph of the houses!
It caught my eye upon first sight.
I think it was probably due to the more contrasting colours of blue and brown in the photograph, and the pretty composition of them receding into the horizon. Vanishing point is obvious, at the middle left hand corner of the picture. The juxstaposition of crystal clear water that stretches across the landscape and the houses is absolutely stunning! Gives a cinematic sense of a beautiful fantasy world during the winter. One of my favourites<3
However, I think that the contrast of the colours could be more distinct, adding onto the aesthetic appeal. Maybe you could consider giving the sky a bluer hue, the snow a cleaner white and the house a yellower, darker shade of brown. That could greatly increase the quality of this wonderful photo, since there would be more colours that are contrasted and then it would be more attractive!
Overall, I think you did very well in taking these photos, and giving them a dreamlike quality:D


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