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Contemplation September 24, 2010

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Studies of the Buddha, Brain and Lotus Plant

Studies of the Lotus Plant

Experimentation on effects of Watercolour and Acrylic Paint

Studies of different medium

Final (incomplete)

Title: Contemplation

Medium: Acrylic and Colour Pencil on Paper

Size: A3

Date: 2009

It was really unfortunate that I did not complete my final drawing. I did not have enough time to finish colouring the lotus plants during the 3 hours time span. Really need to improve on my speed…

The significance of using such a colourful and brght background was for a distraction of the viewers’ eyes, symbolising that no matter how distracting, or tempting the outside world is, the Buddha is able to remain in a calm state of mind by thinking deeply, as seen from his exposed brain, and surrounded by nature’s most beautiful elements.

The lotus plants symbolise purity and all things that are good. Stemming from dirty water, they are still look so clean and pure. They also complement the Buddha’s status of mind.

All in all, I need to improve on my speed and also my acrylic painting techniques, since the vertical planes of colour in the background seem hastily done and very uneven.


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