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Coursework: Organ-ic Vegetables September 24, 2010

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Title: Organ-ic Vegetables

Medium: Clay, Plastic Bottles, Refrigerator, Egg Shells

Size: 85cm x 75cm

Date: 2010

Since all the information can be found from the prep boards below, I shall not go into great detail about my exploration process. Instead, I will focus on my thoughts and opinions about finishing this piece.

Prep Board 1

Prep Board 2

 Prep Board 3

Prep Board 4

Prep Board 5

Prep Board 6

Prep Board 7

Prep Board 8



Eggplant Heart

Pea Intestines

Tomato Kidneys

Cabbage Brain

Final Product

I am relieved that I managed to finish my coursework, after months of toiling and hardwork. It is with great pleasure now that I review on my art.

To me, clay is a remarkable medium to use; you can construct it into any shape possible, by moulding it. I love the feel of clay in my hands, the softness and the moisture of it. Even when it gradually dries on my hands, I still like to pluck the dried pieces of clay off my skin. When I first came up with my concept and wanted to create 3D objects, I immediately thought of clay as the optimum choice. Carving and rolling the clay, I could turn an initial shapeless ball of clay into something magical. It is such an amazing feeling.

Coursework is not easy, now that I have completed it, I am really happy. Even though I am largely satisfied with this installation, there are some improvements I world like to make; if it is not too late to do so, since my Viva Voce is just around the corner.

Firstly, I am going ot intstall lights in the refrigerator, to give it a more dramatic effect and enhance the colours of the vegetables.

Secondly, it is vital to glue all the objects into the refrigerator, since after a few days of exhibition, one of the eggs cracked due to heavy handling of my art. Luckily it was empty, or else it would have been a great mess.

Lastly, a “SEE, DON’T TOUCH” sign must be placed in front of my art. I am really worried that the juniors will break my hardwork…

Hope that these suggestions will improveenhance the durability and the practicality of my work!


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