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Graces 2010 Design September 24, 2010

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Title: Daydream

Medium: Colour Pencils, Watercolour and Pen on Paper

Size: 25cm x 15cm

Date: 2009

After drawing this in 2009, I forgot about it until we had to design our Graces 2010 design. I was flipping through my sketchbook and came across this so decided to do a similar version for the Graces 2010 design.

Title: Graces

Medium: Watercolour and Pen on Paper

Size: A4

Date: February 2010

The posture and expression of these two subject matter is the same, except for the things they are holding and the clothes they are wearing.

I feel quite proud of these two drawings because I have reconstructed them for different uses. I also know other artists who paint the same subject matter over and over again, but with slight differences. This is an attempt of remaking the same image by conjuring different objects.

For the Graces design, I think I should have extended the arms since now the picture looks incomplete and unsuitable for a logo design. Should be more careful in filling out the details and completing the whole picture.

I like Daydream more than Graces due to the unique watercolour stains. It was my first time venturing into watercolour so I think the effect was quite satisfactory. It added on to the aesthetic appeal of the whole image.


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