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Sketch of Michealangelo’s Pieta September 24, 2010

Filed under: Artworks — chicapod @ 11:26 pm

Title: My Pieta

Medium: Pencil and Watercolour on Paper

Size: A3

Date: 2008

For this artwork, I really put my heart and soul into it! I spent 2 weeks trying to get the exact measurements and details correct. It was really a torture, but worth it, since it honed my technique. The details were excruciatingly fine, and I took a long long time to duplicate the original picture.

Nonetheless, I am immensely proud of this work. Now I know that replicating someone elses’ work is very difficult. The lines are bold and strong, giving them definition style. I also like the watercolour effect at the background, the transition of colours in a gradient is parallel to the sorrow(blue) Mother Mary feels when Jesus died to become a glorified feat(yellow).

However, I think Mother Mary’s face is a bit weird, even though I tried millions of times to change and alter it, it still doesn’t look right. But I am still happy that I completed this piece.


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