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The School September 24, 2010

Filed under: Artworks — chicapod @ 11:54 pm

Title: The School

Medium: Permanent Marker on Transparency

Size: 25cm x 30cm

Date: April 2008

This is a drawing of the school. The transparency was pasted onto the window ina certain angle, and I replicated the scene of the school outside. I think this was done quite well, since all the details were exact and accurate, and the composition was alright too. The first thing one notices is the building with a million bricks, then the eye is slowy guided to the road and then the trees in the background.

Almost went blind from squinting my eyes too much to gage the size and distance of the scenery. Especially when drawing the bricks, I almost died. But in the end, the final product is satisfactory, so it was all worth it!

However, maybe I could have used a mix of markers of different thickness and colour. That would add on to the aesthetic appeal of the whole image, giving it a bit more contrast and vividness.


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