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The Shoemaker and his Wonderful Wife September 24, 2010

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Title: The Shoemaker’s Wife

Medium: Stop Motion

Date: Sept 2009

Done by: Halynne, Natalie, Meizhen, Ming Zhen, Jezamine, Jing Ting

Pictures can be found on:

From Jezamine’s blog:

This was our video entry for the Spanish Embassy Competition which we were required to make a stop motion video based on the story called ‘The Shoemaker’s Wife’. We were nominated but didn’t manage to get a prize but I think the process was a very meaningful and memorable one. We got to make puppets by sewing pieces of felt together, and making forms and figures out of them. We decided to portray them as animals so that it would not be the same as the original story and we felt that animals could also be symbols of a person’s personality and character. Some characters that we constructed out of very ordinary materials: The elephant (Husband) Peanut (Wife) The Backdrop of the bar was made up of 2d pictures stuck on top of 3d shelves, made of paper and cardboard. The cool pineapple wooer The wife and the new guy (who looks like the husband) Carrot guy Chick (Smart Boy) The video ended with a very wet kiss. The backdrop for the couple’s house The piano, table and shelf were made of cardboard while all the others are just pictures pasted on the background. At first, we had to use iStopMotion to take a million pictures. It was my first time at stop motion and I could finally do some hands-on after having my mind being blown away by the awesome Vimeo stop motion videos. We also had to voice-act for the different characters in the recording studio, and use iMovie to edit the video. iMovie is so hard to use, I would rather much use Windows Movie Maker even thought it’s ugly. It was really fun that we could do something different and even have the awesome experience of taking part in a competition, which is something we rarely ever do. I loved making those puppets. We dedicated a lot of time and blood into it, which I think paid off because at least our work got selected. I think the shoes on the backdrop look reasonably real and it was really fun constructing the piano as well as the tables.

I agree with Jezamine ti a large extent.

Even though it was disappointing that we did not win the prize, but it was undeniably a very good learning point for us.

Not only did we learn to use the iMovie, despite all the obstacles, we also forged greater friendships along the way. It was really funny to hear our voices in the recording, since they sound so different from our real-life voices. We had a good laugh together while recording. Also, we discovered each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For example Jezamine is good at everything while Jing Ting is good at handicraft and iMovie etc. I also realised that I am a sucker in video applications, since I really don’t know how to use iMovie. However I helped out in other ways, such as the recording of the characters and the making of the stage sets and puppets etc.

In conclusion, it was a really good exposure for us to do videos and things using information technology, other than the fundamental drawing and painting. We can try out new and different things, and this might help us greatly in the future.


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