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Young Dreams September 24, 2010

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Title: Dream

Medium: Acrylic on Brown Rice Paper

Size: A3

Date: March 2009

This is the first time I tried to paint in acrylic. I found it quite fun, but had difficulty blending the colours.

The title of the painting is Dream, and I have included my childhood dream elements in it, as seen from the rollercoaster(I have always wanted to ride one but chickens out at the last minute all the time, so I wish I had enough courage to try it the next time I go to the amusement park), the whale(exploring underwater and swimming in the ocean with all the beautiful marine creatures was my dream job) and the island(when I get rich, I will own a island all by myself and start living there with my loved ones, away from the rest of the world.)

However, the buildings represent the reality…

Anyway, I feel that the painting can be further improved by adding in more details of the girl’s legs and the person’s face on the rollercoaster, giving the painting a more realistic effect. The dark and light areas should also be more defined so as to increase the contrast of the shadows and minimize flat planes of colour.

Overall, I am still satisfied with this piece of art, considering the fact that it was my first attempt!


One Response to “Young Dreams”

  1. I like this one 😀

    I think that you have a very vivid imagination + childhood x) anyway, I quite like the composition of this piece, especially the way the roller coaster kinda wraps around the front of the picture and disappears. It adds a sense of depth to your painting. The bubbly words and bright colours also make it more child-like and dream-like I guess, it a non-puffy-white-clouds kind of way(: I love the stripy socks btw(:

    The background colour is mildly weird, I think the gradient was a good idea but perhaps not to red? I think red gives too strong a feeling of sunset-ish and it clashes a little with the blue of your whale, heh.

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