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Zhang Jingna’s Expressive Photography September 24, 2010

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Sun Child

Lost Fairytales



Behind the Mask

creative photos


creative photos


creative photos

English Rose

creative photos


creative photos

Sakuran II

creative photos

Lost Tales

creative photos


creative photos

of the Night: A Dream of You

creative photos


creative photos


creative photos

The Haunting

creative photos

Obsession II

creative photos 


creative photos

Luxury Cover

creative photos

Born in the suburbs of Beijing to a sporting family, Jingna moved to Singapore at the age of eight, where she attended Haig Girls’ School.

At the age of fourteen, nine months after picking up air rifle, Jingna broke a national record, and subsequently joined the national air rifle team. She was active in the team for six years, notable achievements include breaking a record in the 10m Air Rifle event at the Commonwealth Shooting Competitions (Melbourne) 2005 in Melbourne, and a bronze in the same event at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, awarding her the title of Sports Girl of the Year for 2006 by the Singapore National Sports Council.

She left the prestigious Raffles’ Girls’ School (Secondary) at the age of sixteen to pursue a degree in fashion design in LASELLE College of The Arts. At eighteen, Jingna picked up a camera. Probably due to her keen interest and achievements in photography at an early age, she left LASALLE in October 2007, and the rifle team in January 2008, to pursue photography full time.

Within six months of her professional photography career, Jingna has worked with companies such as Mercedes Benz, Pond’s, Ogilvy & Mather Advertising, Wacom  and Architecture International.

She has also produced fashion editorials for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and L’Officiel.

In September 2008, Jingna held her first solo exhibition “Something Beautiful” at The Arts House in Singapore. In November, the same year, she was invited to show her works at Klee Bar, also curated by The Arts House.

With works described as being ethereal, romantic and sensuous – Jingna’s images exude a quiet and steady confidence with maturity belying her age.

Her ethereal, tranquil, emotive and dreamlike images never fail to touch my heart. Zhang Jingna draws inspiration from her dreams, as seen in the ethereal, dreamlike quality permeating her work. A quiet confidence and maturity belying her age can also be seen in her work, with a distinctive cinematographic touch of elegance.

I feel that she has a great eye for aesthetics, where she contrasts the colours or blends them in a palette of grace.


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