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Collated Comments September 24, 2010

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Jing Ting:





Comment on Linsha’s Photograph

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Awesome photography!!
It is so dreamy and pretty…
I think the use of contrasting colours greatly aids the visual impact of the photograph. Capturing the blue skies and white clouds, and the pink and green sunlight beams against the Earth, as if it was in a fantasy world.
I especially like the way you have arranged your composition, with the ferris wheel in the background but highlighted by the colourful sunlight beams. The clouds stand out from the picture since they are so very defined by the contrast of grey and white against the baby blue sky.
It is very interesting to see that you have made the forground and the houses dark, creating a silhuoette form. The juxtaposition of the dark shadows and the bright beautiful sky symbolises how the Earth is really filled with sorrow and pain, and when we ascend to the blue skies, we will be filled with absolute happiness(don’t know if you feel this way too)
Love this photograph!!<3


Comment on Yumo’s sketch

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The sketching of the bottles are really well done!
I especially like how you have sketched the transparent bottles, they seem so realistic. Also the black shorter bottle at the side serves serves as a great contrast. The transparent bottles are tall and transparent, while the black bottle is short and opaque. This juxtaposition increases the artistic value of this piece.
To improve this great sketch, I suggest that there could be a greater play of composition, instead of just having the bottles stand side by side. You could play with a diagonal composition, where the nearer bottles are bigger and the further bottles are smaller, and this will enhance the contrast even more.
In conclusion, I think this is a good piece of work, and your technical abilities are flaunted in this piece.
Keep up the good work!:D<3


Comment on Jackqueline’s Collage

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This collage is so cool!

The clever use of fragmented music scores and different violin and guitar images adds on to the artistic value of your collage. I find it really amazing for you to piece these images together to form a complete picture of the guitar/violin/trumpet/flute lying in a heap of music notes. This image gives the viewers a very powerful impact, with the guitar/violin/trumpet/flute as the main point of focus.

It is interesting to see that you have merged the traditional violin together with the modern guitar. Even though the times have changed, the musical scores are still the same and will probably remain the same after many years. Juxstaposition of the old and the new is evident, adding a meaningful tinge of elegance to your work.

The only suggestion I would give is to probably include more fragmented images of the hybrid instrument from different angles, give it depth and appeal.

Good job<3


Comment on Jing Ting’s Pinhole Photographs

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This is really hilarious!!!!!!!!!
I think it is really cool to integrate a story into your artwork, especially in this form of pinhole photographs.
The combination of art with language is a powerful tool. This idea which you have used gives a great impact on the viewers, allowing one to enjoy the story while admiring your art at the same time, and getting more engaged by the minute(especially when you know all the characters personally in the story)
So good work!:D
However, I think that you could have added in colours to highlight the more important parts of the photograph, instead of the black and white colour scheme throughout. This will increase the aesthetic quality of the photographs, allowing one to be more captivated by contrasting colours of the photo. For example, you might want to colour Ben in a bright, distinct shade to make him more prominent in each of the photos, since his is the main character.
Overall, this is an entertaining and wonderful piece of art that I really enjoy.


Comment on Yuxin’s Snowscape Photograph

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Wow I really like the third photograph of the houses!
It caught my eye upon first sight.
I think it was probably due to the more contrasting colours of blue and brown in the photograph, and the pretty composition of them receding into the horizon. Vanishing point is obvious, at the middle left hand corner of the picture. The juxstaposition of crystal clear water that stretches across the landscape and the houses is absolutely stunning! Gives a cinematic sense of a beautiful fantasy world during the winter. One of my favourites<3
However, I think that the contrast of the colours could be more distinct, adding onto the aesthetic appeal. Maybe you could consider giving the sky a bluer hue, the snow a cleaner white and the house a yellower, darker shade of brown. That could greatly increase the quality of this wonderful photo, since there would be more colours that are contrasted and then it would be more attractive!
Overall, I think you did very well in taking these photos, and giving them a dreamlike quality:D