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Coursework: Organ-ic Vegetables September 24, 2010

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Title: Organ-ic Vegetables

Medium: Clay, Plastic Bottles, Refrigerator, Egg Shells

Size: 85cm x 75cm

Date: 2010

Since all the information can be found from the prep boards below, I shall not go into great detail about my exploration process. Instead, I will focus on my thoughts and opinions about finishing this piece.

Prep Board 1

Prep Board 2

 Prep Board 3

Prep Board 4

Prep Board 5

Prep Board 6

Prep Board 7

Prep Board 8



Eggplant Heart

Pea Intestines

Tomato Kidneys

Cabbage Brain

Final Product

I am relieved that I managed to finish my coursework, after months of toiling and hardwork. It is with great pleasure now that I review on my art.

To me, clay is a remarkable medium to use; you can construct it into any shape possible, by moulding it. I love the feel of clay in my hands, the softness and the moisture of it. Even when it gradually dries on my hands, I still like to pluck the dried pieces of clay off my skin. When I first came up with my concept and wanted to create 3D objects, I immediately thought of clay as the optimum choice. Carving and rolling the clay, I could turn an initial shapeless ball of clay into something magical. It is such an amazing feeling.

Coursework is not easy, now that I have completed it, I am really happy. Even though I am largely satisfied with this installation, there are some improvements I world like to make; if it is not too late to do so, since my Viva Voce is just around the corner.

Firstly, I am going ot intstall lights in the refrigerator, to give it a more dramatic effect and enhance the colours of the vegetables.

Secondly, it is vital to glue all the objects into the refrigerator, since after a few days of exhibition, one of the eggs cracked due to heavy handling of my art. Luckily it was empty, or else it would have been a great mess.

Lastly, a “SEE, DON’T TOUCH” sign must be placed in front of my art. I am really worried that the juniors will break my hardwork…

Hope that these suggestions will improveenhance the durability and the practicality of my work!


Sketch of Michealangelo’s Pieta

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Title: My Pieta

Medium: Pencil and Watercolour on Paper

Size: A3

Date: 2008

For this artwork, I really put my heart and soul into it! I spent 2 weeks trying to get the exact measurements and details correct. It was really a torture, but worth it, since it honed my technique. The details were excruciatingly fine, and I took a long long time to duplicate the original picture.

Nonetheless, I am immensely proud of this work. Now I know that replicating someone elses’ work is very difficult. The lines are bold and strong, giving them definition style. I also like the watercolour effect at the background, the transition of colours in a gradient is parallel to the sorrow(blue) Mother Mary feels when Jesus died to become a glorified feat(yellow).

However, I think Mother Mary’s face is a bit weird, even though I tried millions of times to change and alter it, it still doesn’t look right. But I am still happy that I completed this piece.


Comment on Yumo’s sketch

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The sketching of the bottles are really well done!
I especially like how you have sketched the transparent bottles, they seem so realistic. Also the black shorter bottle at the side serves serves as a great contrast. The transparent bottles are tall and transparent, while the black bottle is short and opaque. This juxtaposition increases the artistic value of this piece.
To improve this great sketch, I suggest that there could be a greater play of composition, instead of just having the bottles stand side by side. You could play with a diagonal composition, where the nearer bottles are bigger and the further bottles are smaller, and this will enhance the contrast even more.
In conclusion, I think this is a good piece of work, and your technical abilities are flaunted in this piece.
Keep up the good work!:D<3


The Shoemaker and his Wonderful Wife

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Title: The Shoemaker’s Wife

Medium: Stop Motion

Date: Sept 2009

Done by: Halynne, Natalie, Meizhen, Ming Zhen, Jezamine, Jing Ting

Pictures can be found on:

From Jezamine’s blog:

This was our video entry for the Spanish Embassy Competition which we were required to make a stop motion video based on the story called ‘The Shoemaker’s Wife’. We were nominated but didn’t manage to get a prize but I think the process was a very meaningful and memorable one. We got to make puppets by sewing pieces of felt together, and making forms and figures out of them. We decided to portray them as animals so that it would not be the same as the original story and we felt that animals could also be symbols of a person’s personality and character. Some characters that we constructed out of very ordinary materials: The elephant (Husband) Peanut (Wife) The Backdrop of the bar was made up of 2d pictures stuck on top of 3d shelves, made of paper and cardboard. The cool pineapple wooer The wife and the new guy (who looks like the husband) Carrot guy Chick (Smart Boy) The video ended with a very wet kiss. The backdrop for the couple’s house The piano, table and shelf were made of cardboard while all the others are just pictures pasted on the background. At first, we had to use iStopMotion to take a million pictures. It was my first time at stop motion and I could finally do some hands-on after having my mind being blown away by the awesome Vimeo stop motion videos. We also had to voice-act for the different characters in the recording studio, and use iMovie to edit the video. iMovie is so hard to use, I would rather much use Windows Movie Maker even thought it’s ugly. It was really fun that we could do something different and even have the awesome experience of taking part in a competition, which is something we rarely ever do. I loved making those puppets. We dedicated a lot of time and blood into it, which I think paid off because at least our work got selected. I think the shoes on the backdrop look reasonably real and it was really fun constructing the piano as well as the tables.

I agree with Jezamine ti a large extent.

Even though it was disappointing that we did not win the prize, but it was undeniably a very good learning point for us.

Not only did we learn to use the iMovie, despite all the obstacles, we also forged greater friendships along the way. It was really funny to hear our voices in the recording, since they sound so different from our real-life voices. We had a good laugh together while recording. Also, we discovered each other’s strengths and weaknesses. For example Jezamine is good at everything while Jing Ting is good at handicraft and iMovie etc. I also realised that I am a sucker in video applications, since I really don’t know how to use iMovie. However I helped out in other ways, such as the recording of the characters and the making of the stage sets and puppets etc.

In conclusion, it was a really good exposure for us to do videos and things using information technology, other than the fundamental drawing and painting. We can try out new and different things, and this might help us greatly in the future.


Lifeskills Camp 2008

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Title: Lifeskills Camp 2008

Medium: Colour Pencil and Pencil on paper

Size: A4

Date: 2008

This was the logo design for Lifeskills Camp when I was in Secondary 2.

I ventured into using cartoon figures to show how the Sec 2 girls are bonded and having fun in lifeskills camp.

Maybe I should have used more colours to colour the words, and added in more shades and tones to make it more attractive.

However, I am still satisfied with this beacause I like the victory hand sign at the side of the logo, showing that it is Secondary 2 and also symbolising a victory.


Symbolism in Guernica

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Artist Pablo Picasso
Year 1937
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 349 cm × 776 cm (137.4 in × 305.5 in)
Location Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid

The usage of black, grey and white symbolises life, in between and death respectively. White is life, black is death, and the rest, which is the present, is grey. All the figures are white, which means that there is life in them, and are enveloped in darkness, denoted by black, which shows that they are surrounded by death. To interpret this, the living is surviving in an environment full of death and sorrow during the war, making Picasso’s emotional message of anti-war sentiment fairly strong.

Next, I shall analyse the various symbols of the painting.

The light bulb at the top middle area of the canvas symbolises the man-made eternal sun. It illuminates the rest of the figures, bringing the torture and the victims of war to light, exposing them to the viewers’ eyes. This can show that the war is an act of brutal self-destruction, being caused by Man himself, and bringing misery unto himself.  The issues of war are reagarding the difference in Man bring more harm than benefit to mankind.

Upon close scrutiny, one observes a small, emaciated flower in the tight grasp of a broken limb holding a chipped sword. This symbol of the flower actually shows a hint of optimistic hope amongst all the suffering and pain. This hope, however small, lies in the hands of Man, and it is his choice whether to let the hope grow, or to crush and destroy it. Misery is brought unto himself but hope can also be reignited through the process of peace and harmony. Picasso is trying to convey the message of cooperation with one another, and learning to accept each other’s flaws and differences in a positive way. The right lies in our hands.

Other symbols such as the horse and the bull are mythological figures; they represent the Loyalists and Nationalists fighting against each other in the Spanish Civil War. Since both figures are in a state of extreme pain and suffering, both are not beefiting from the pointless war. The war is a fatuous act of unnecessary violence, the horror and injustice caused do not aid any political party in any way. It only adds on to the physical and mental torture to the countrymen, and political members alike.

Thus, in conclusion, Guernica is a painting with numerous symbols to depict strong anti-war sentiments.


Think: A collage

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Title: Think

Medium: Collage

Size: A3

Date: 2008

Again, this is one of my first attempts. Collage is a fun way of expressing yourself, and the best thing is, you don’t even need to lift your paintbrush! Just finding beautiful things to cut and paste on the paper will do. But of course, it is important to plan the composition of the collage before permanently sticking the images onto the paper.

For this collage, I think I did not really pay attention to the composition of the whole image, just gluing everything all over the place, without caring much about how the complete picture will look like. Nonetheless, I tried to paste the pictures with nice colour schemes in a systematic way, to maximise the contrast of the whole picture.